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2016 Applied Biosystems 7500 FAST DX Real-Time PCR system

This is this is the one you want. If you know any anything about what’s going on with the current state of global health this is the instrument to have, the Fast DX is a great instrument for your lab, Applied Biosystems 7500 FAST Real-Time PCR system. …





Colposcope PZO MI 22H

Used, very good technical condition, Polish production, Power supply: 230V, Frequency of 50-60 Hz, Power: 50 VA, Light source: Halogen bulb: 6V 20W, The focal length F = 200 Magnification: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Eyepiece magnification: 10x / 25, with variable …


Apollo Pro Bariatric Mattress with pump

Good condition. Max weight 39stone. Min weight 6stone. Very high risk. Warranty expires 9th May 2021. 3 static,10 figure of eight cells and 7 pairs of heel guard cells. Operating alternating cycle options of either 10, 15, 20 or 25 mins.               …


New Arjo Assisted Bath

New unused Arjo Huntleigh Rhapsody bath for sale. Can delivery within 100 miles of Bournemouth


Self-Orgasming Condom

Trusted: Self-Orgasming Condom. Supply limited to only 25 per month globally. £5,000.00 each. Worn by a male user, and also stimulation for a male or female customer, photograph and audio pre-recorded tape cassette message included with condom, provide …


Lumenis Aluma System

This machine was bought for a very high price. It performs brilliantly, but we are now selling it very cheap as we are not intending to use it anymore and it just uses space. Short description: The Lumenis Aluma system is designed for fast, effective a …

  • 01/01/1970

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