Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: How do I ship my goods to an overseas hospital?

A: There are several considerations involved in exporting equipment, for example you could be liable for taxes and duties. We suggest that you seek professional advice from a freight forwarding or a transportation company. If you are dealing with an overseas hospital or healthcare organisation, the transaction should be conducted on a pro-forma basis, i.e. always ensure payment is received before releasing the goods.

FAQ: What requirements must I meet in order to sell my products to another hospital?

A: Many products sold may need to conform to the relevant ISO/BS/FDA standards and be accompanied by documentary evidence, along with calibration/servicing/maintenance records. Original documentation should also be provided on operational instructions for use/maintenance in accordance with relevant standards.

FAQ If my product group does not appear in the alphabetical section what do we do?

A: Place the product/products in our miscellaneous section Hospital Mart will then create a specific index for them. Email us if you require a category to be created.

FAQ Am I allowed to buy or sell controlled / prescriptive pharmaceuticals / non prescriptive pharmaceuticals / drugs / medicines on Hospital Mart?

A: Hospital Mart has liaised with the Home Office and the MHRA with regard to the sale of prescriptive / non prescriptive pharmaceuticals and medicines via this website. It has been confirmed to us that the sale of prescriptive / non prescriptive pharmaceuticals and medicines is permitted via Hospital Mart but please note :-

  • All pharmaceuticals & medicines must be licensed.
  • All buyers and sellers of pharmaceuticals & medicines must be licensed.
  • It is the responsibility of the parties involved in the transaction to ensure that the buyer, seller and product are all licensed.
  • No products can be sold outside of the UK

FAQ Do I need to do anything when I have sold my goods?

A: Yes, please login in to your account, edit your listing and change the status to “SOLD”

FAQ: Are there restrictions on what I can sell
on the site?

A: Exclusions include: Organic material and blood products.

FAQ Who is responsible for transport and
insurance costs?

A: This should be agreed between the two parties as part of the agreement. Some delivery suppliers are listed on the links page.

FAQ Is this site intended for use only by hospitals and other health professionals or can manufacturers advertise their products here?

A: Any manufacturer who currently sells to the NHS or other health care organisations or exports products can advertise on Hospital Mart.

FAQ What payment methods does Hospital Mart accept?

A: Hospitalmart accepts the following payment methods for advertising via PayPal All Credit and Debit Cards, Pro Forma Invoice, Invoice 28 Days for all NHS Clients. ( Credit subject to approval for corporate clients) Swift Pay, and BACS. Please e mail for enquiries.

FAQ How much does it cost to advertise?

Fixed Fee £45 per advertisement category.

FAQ When do I pay for my advertisement?

A: You pay when you create your advertisement.

Q: Do I need to register in order to view items currently for sale?

A: No.Simply go to the drop-down box in the “For sale section and look for any items you are currently looking for”