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Hospitalmart is an online listing site for Medical / Hospital Organisations to sell any unwanted, used, preowned, refurbished, redundant, slow moving Hospital / Medical Equipment, or Disposables.The objective of our site is to generate much needed income and reduce costs in what is a difficult financial environment.

Our site is principally aimed at the NHS however Private Healthcare Organisations, Manufacturers,Clinics,Social Services Departments, Charities, Universities, Medical Leasing Companies and Vetinary Practices are also welcome to use our offers the opportunity to sell items.

The UK government has asked the NHS to make further significant cost savings by 2017 and beyond. During 2010 an estimated 8.43% GDP was spent on healthcare. These figures clearly show significant rises in Healthcare expenditure which will not be sustainable without cost reductions.

These not only represent a problem for the UK but reflect a worldwide problem for the entire healthcare industry including countries such as the USA, and Japan who have similar problems.

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