25°C Pharmaceutical Storage

25°C Pharmaceutical Storage

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Model: CRT - 30G

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New to Market: ‘Controlled Room Temperature’ CRT Cabinet. A Safe storage solution for drugs requiring below 25°C storage.

For medicines that are not normally stored in a fridge manufacturers generally guarantee that they remain stable if stored below 25 degrees Celsius (25°C). In a heatwave, ambient temperatures may rise above this.

To protect these medicines, QED Scientific now supplies a range of CRT ‘controlled room temperature’ cabinets that operate between 15°C + 25°C.

These cabinets are an ideal cost-effective solution for departments that don’t want the expense of air conditioning, yet struggle to maintain recommended storage temperature for non-refrigerated medicines.

As well as offering safe storage conditions for drugs requiring below 25°C storage, they cut out the need for relying on room thermometer readouts, and of course daily temperature monitoring and logging.

 QED 25°C storage cabinet specs/info:

  • Precise temperature control (as per the regularity range of 15ºC to 25ºC)
  • Prevent excessive temperature spikes
  • Simplifies temperature management
  • Offer a cost/energy-effective alternative solution to air-conditioning
  • Adherence and compliance to recommendations/inspections
  • Less time consuming and peace of mind for staff
  • Preserve drug safety, quality, and efficacy
  • Options include a controlled drug compartment and continuous data logging for PC

Price is for a 30 Litre model. Other capacities available: 30-355 Litres.

  • Expiry date: December 30, 2016

Sellers Contact Details

  • Seller Name: QED Scientific
  • Seller Contact Number: 01663 735494
  • Seller Email Address: info@qedscientific.com

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